Road Map as of May 5, 2020

Please note, any item listed is subject to change without notice.

Upcoming Items


We want to take the time to focus on adding more data, filtering, and discovery options. This includes the ability to upload posters for items outside of the scope of Collections, Movies, and Shows! More data requires more filter options, right? This month will bring the ability to filter data on more pages to help you get to the content that you desire. Also, some more upload "flags" may be added along the way to help enrich each poster. Along with these options, we hope to help get you discovered more! We want to incorporate social media links where you can share your self with the people around you! These items of course will be up to you to enable and/or have enabled for your account.

Started and Finished January 2020


We want to help expand the platform more and help it get off the ground even more than it has now! Sometimes there just isn't a poster on the site, you like a style a particular users adds to their uploads, or even a continuation to current sets but there isn't a way to ask. This is where we hope to help solve this gap and bring requests into one general, easy to use place that all users can access and contribute to. Some people know how bad the search is and man does it need an overhaul! With the addition of more data to the site it's time to take search to the next level! This means better results, assisted searching, and no more having to refresh, go back, search again, or perform the monkey dance to get to the page you want or the upload area! The site is filled with some amazing sets already but lacking in some places. Set additions will bring the ability to link a poster to a set, link alternate sets to a main set, and possibly the ability to magically have a poster be in more than one place at once! WOW! Did you like unlocking cool features and abilities? We would like to offer users the ability for exclusive access, badges, features and more all while helping keep the platform running through different subscriptions! (This is something that's planned and once concrete, an official announcement with more information will be made).

Started February 2020


Communication is key...well for us it is! Email is okay but instant communication is much better for us admin to communicate with users when needed. No, we're not trying to be another messaging platform, just helps us as admin communicate with you guys! Who loves reading? We hope to set up a blog to talk about the site, maybe some tutorials and guides and all that fun stuff! And last but not least, notifications! Notifications can help you stay interacted with the site as time goes on and updated on different items as they happen and unfold.

Started March 2020


The time has come! The moment you have all been waiting for agents! We know we've talked about this for a while now and keep saying soon (and we're sorry about that) but we've had to shuffle some things around and get some items added, cleaned, know, the good stuff to pave the way for the agent(s). And yes, you did read that right, that is AGENT with an S! During this time, we will be working on some agents for various different media servers that are available right now that you may be using! Ouu, and even an API that you can use to take TPDb and build something wonderful! That is of course, making sure you let us know first what amazing idea(s) you may have!