Bundles and Gifts Reimagined!

Posted: November 3, 2020

Since the release of bundles and gifts just a few months ago, we've had amazing feedback and suggestions along the way. We thank you as we continue working to improve them and appreciate all of the feedback! Also, to the ones who've gifted other users, thank you for showing your support for other users or helping users in need. Funnily enough, the community helped one user reach her goal uploading 666 posters in October.

One of the major themes across the feedback and suggestions that we've received is, having bundles and gifts “expire” when a new month starts isn't very intuitive - we agree! We're happy to announce that starting today, bundles and gifts will expire after 30 days either after purchase or when gifted to another user. This isn't all though. We've separated additional uploads from your monthly allotment of poster uploads and the site now handles them much smarter than before!

So what does the new handling mean? Well, first off, when you go to upload a poster, the site will automatically pick the best place to use the upload slot from. The places include your additional upload slots (bundles or gifts), or from your monthly allotment. If during the 30 days of a bundle or gift you decided to fully remove a poster, the upload slot will be freed up until your 30 days has expired or used for another upload. Along with that, your dashboard and billings tab on the account settings page now dynamically shows the used and remaining upload slots in two different usage bars. One being for your normal monthly allotment and the other being for your additional upload slots. Lastly, the gifts table on the billings tab of the account settings page will include an expiry date if one is available.

Overall, we appreciate all of the users that provided suggestions and gave feedback to help reimagine bundles and gifts and how they're processed. We hope that everyone will appreciate the new changes and if you have any ideas, we'll be more than happy to hear what you have to say!

If you'd like to check out a full list of changes included in this update, head on over to our change log for more information.


With this update, we just wanted to notify users and let them know that in the next couple of days, an update will be made that will cap the max amount of days posters can be kept in your recycling bin before being fully removed. Once the change is live, items will be kept in your recycling bin for 60 days at most before being removed by the site. We also wanted to mention that if you already have items older than 60 days in your recycle bin, they will be removed once the update is live and then next scan is performed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help!