Frequently Asked Questions as of November 23, 2022

Are There Any Tutorial Videos?

Yes! Feel free to subscribe to your YouTube channel where we'll be making and uploading all our tutorial videos and more!


Can Anyone upload a Poster?

Yes! Once you have successfully signed up and verified your account, you are able to upload a poster provided you follow the Rules and Guidelines and check out the steps below on how to Upload a Poster.


How Do I Upload a Poster?

With the nature of the site, authenticated users must first search for the item that they would like to upload. Below are the steps that a user can take to upload a poster or, feel free to check out our tutorial video.

  1. Search for an item that they would like to upload (either using the search or upload icon in the navigation bar) or even use the upload button found across most/all pages on the site
  2. After clicking on the upload button, you will be directed to the respective upload page
    1. We ask that you please follow the Poster and Uploading rules and guidelines above
  3. After you're all set, you can press the upload button and wait for the upload to finish
  4. Once the upload has finished, you will be directed to the respective poster or set page upon success


I Thought All Images Are High Quality?

You may notice while browsing the site that not all posters seem "high quality". This is because, when images are uploaded to the site, an optimized version is made in parallel to help save costs and also bring speedier performance to page loading times. With that, when you download an image, copy the poster link, or click to expand the poster on the individual poster page, we can assure you that you're getting the raw uploaded image and not the optimized version.


How Can I Perform a Strict Search?

With the recent release of our improved search engine, there's no longer a need to perform a strict search like there was before using the ^ character.


What is a Verified Account?

Verified accounts are reserved for users that work directly in a related field. Below is a list of fields that would qualify to be considered Verified. The Poster Database works directly with these users to have their items displayed across the site in a professional manner. If you fit the criteria for a Verified account, please follow the steps listed below to apply. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us here, [email protected].

Verified accounts aren't subject to the same rules that typical users are. They aren't required to add upload or edit notes, also, they don't have restrictions on file dimensions and size. However, the optimized images that you see across the site may look the same. If you'd like to know the difference between an official poster's size, on the individual poster page you can instantly view the dimensions of that poster.


How Can I Request to Have My Account Be Made Verified?

After qualifying for a Verified account, we ask that you please fill out this form that will include the following questions as it will help us further verify your request


Does The Poster Database Offer a Refund?

Yes, TPDb will automatically refund any subscription canceled within 14 days of making your first payment of Subscription Services if you have not used your Subscription Services during such 14-day period. If entitled, the refund will be credited to your account within 5 - 10 business days of the request. Refunds, however, do not apply to bundle purchases or gift subscriptions. If you have any questions, please contact us via email, [email protected].



Below are a few questions and answers related to gifting TPDb Pro subscriptions.

  1. Are gifts refundable?
    1. As stated above, gifts sent to other users, or yourself are non-refundable.
  2. Can I gift myself?
    1. Yes! You can gift yourself. It's one way you can test out TPDb Pro without being locked into a subscription. Then, if you don't want the goodies to disappear at the end of your term, make sure to activate and add a billing method (if you haven't already) so the fun doesn't stop!
  3. How can I gift a user?
    1. When you're on their profile page, the gift option will be displayed beside the report button in the header of the page. When it's available (see below), you have the option to gift that user.
  4. How come I can't see the gift button on a user's profile?
    1. If the user has already been gifted or in a gifting period (see below), you will be unable to gift the user further. With that, the gifting button on the user's profile will be hidden until the user is able to be gifted again.
  5. How does a gift get applied?
    1. Gifts are automatically applied without user interaction. There are two different scenarios for a gift
      1. User already has a subscription - the gift will be applied to the users next billing period
      2. User doesn't have a subscription - the user is set up immediately based on the gifted plan and offered TPDb Pro Lite or TPDb Pro for the duration of the gifted plan
  6. Why is there an odd coupon code on my invoice?
    1. When you're gifted, an automatic coupon is created and applied (see above). The coupon will look something like this gift-June-2020-IwdPOCmN8u. This symbolizes that the coupon is a gift, the month and year it was offered/purchased, and then a random set of characters uniquely identifying your coupon.
  7. Can I view sent or received gifts?
    1. Provided you've either sent and/or received a gift in the past, you'll be able to view that information under the Billing section on the Account Settings Page. The gifts will only be displayed when you've sent or received a gift. The invoiced table will display invoices for purchased gifts and your subscription invoice when the gift is applied (this is only when you've received a gift).
  8. Can gifts be anonymous?
    1. Yes! Gift out of the box can be anonymous if you'd like. When you're on the payment page about to enter your billing info, you have the option to select if you'd like to make the gift anonymous. With that, at the same time, you're able to add a note/message that will be emailed to the user along with the gift notification.



What are collections and how does TPDb define them?

Collections are a great way to have a centralized location for uploading individual media assets at the same time! While we’d love to support all collections, the following rules are in place to have a clear guide as to what TPDb supports/calls a “collection”

What can a collection include?

Now, you might be wondering what can be included in a collection, or what’s a collection asset? An “asset” represents a single media item including, but not limited to, a movie, show, or other collection.

Collection clauses/edge cases

To cover a few edge cases, below are a few clauses in relation to the collection ruling

Can I request a collection be made?

Of course! Feel free to contact us with the following information and we'll try and return the collection as quickly as possible. Do keep in mind that each collection request is subject to the above ruling and could be denied.


Do you have a question you'd like answered or even appear here? Feel free to reach out to the team here at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!