Rules and Guidelines as of December 17, 2020

The Poster Database wants to encourage a high quality, friendly, and professional platform. This can only happen when everyone cooperates and commits to appropriate standards of behavior along side the Terms of Service.

The following is a categorized list of behaviors that users and/or visitors should follow when operating the platform. Any user found found to break, or not follow, the following behaviors will be subject to appropriate actions.


Reports are more than for just "bad items". There are all different kinds of reports that help users, moderators and administrators notice items that others don't. There are currently two items that authenticated and visiting users are able to report - Posters and Users. The Poster Database strives to be transparent as possible with reports and we're constantly improving our reporting infrastructure. With poster reports, reporters, poster owners, administrators, and moderators are the only ones that are able to comment and handle the respective poster report. Posters will be handled with a report first nature, unless other wise stated below under the Uploads section. Poster reports, unless a serious offence or corrected by the poster owner prior to a moderator or administrator comments, will be subject to a minimum time limit of 14 days before being further handled. If a comment is provided asking for an extension in the 14 day span, it will be offered upon approval from an administrator or moderator.


Poster Uploads

When uploading posters to the site, we ask that all users properly and accurately tag uploads where appropriate. The Poster Database takes credit seriously and we hope you do to. Uploads found or reported to be breaking the following rules or a copyright infringement may be subject to removal before consulting with the poster owner. The Poster Database fully complies with copyright reports and then will be handled accordingly.

  1. When uploading a poster using assets and/or items found online, proper attribution for those assets and/or items must be acquired prior to making the upload
  2. If you have acquired valid attribution, we ask that you provide a comment in the notes section when uploading
  3. If a poster doesn't include any text, unless it is part of the design, must be tagged as being Textless
  4. If the uploaded poster(s) are in a different language, we ask that you select the language that is appropriate (if a language is missing, please contact us as we can work on getting it added)
  5. Notes are a vital part to every upload made to the site and we ask that you follow the placeholder for that input section
  6. Posters must not be blindly uploaded from online sources, including The Poster Database, without prior consent, differentiation and credit



We envision on having a high quality poster platform and hope you share the same vision. With that, we ask that you verify each poster before uploading to comply with the following item. Please ensure that uploaded posters adhere to the following rules, or otherwise subject to a report.

  1. Doesn't Include Visible Artifacts
    1. Corrupt pixels
    2. Smudged details
    3. Stretching and/or shrinking
    4. Image assets should be clear and legible
    5. Visual shape used to block poster elements
  2. Doesn't Include Spelling Errors
  3. Isn't a Collage Poster
  4. Isn't an Adult/NSFW Poster
  5. Doesn't Include Poster Banner or Corner Detail
    1. 4K
    2. DVD
    3. HD-DVD
    4. Blu-Ray
    5. 3D
    6. HEVC
    7. VHS
    8. Betamax

Poster uploads must also comply with the following guidelines (can also be found on the upload/edit page)

File FormatJPEG (.jpeg, .jpg)
PNG (.png)
Minimum Dimensions
(in Pixels)
1000 x 1500
Maximum Dimensions 
(in Pixels)
2000 x 3000 (Free)
3000 x 4500 (Pro Lite)
Aspect Ratio2:3
Maximum File Size5MB Per File (Free)
10MB Per File (Pro Lite)



User profiles are designed to help express users in multiple ways. While on the free plan of TPDb, you're limited to only selecting a profile and banner from our provided options. While on a TPDb Pro plan, you have the option to share links to supported social media platforms or even upload you're own custom avatar and/or banner! Social accounts are only shared when the required information has been saved under account settings. None of the previously mentioned items are required and fully up to your discretion. We ask that you only share social links if that is your desire and also that avatars and banners comply with the following image suggestions

 Avatars SuggestionsBanners Suggestions
File FormatJPEG (.jpeg, .jpg)
PNG (.png)
JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg)
PNG (.png)
Minimum Dimensions
(in Pixels)
500 x 5001920 x 1080 
Aspect Ratio1:116:9
Maximum File Size10MB Per File10MB Per File