• Full Access to Poster Library
  • 50 Monthly Poster Uploads
  • Maximum 5MB File Size on Individual Files
  • Customized Poster Feed
  • Basic Dashboard
  • Basic Filtering Options
  • Basic Notifications
  • 5 Open Poster Requests
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Pro Lite
$5.99/month $4.99/month*

  • Includes All Features From The Free Plan
  • 200 Monthly Poster Uploads
  • Maximum 10MB File Size on Individual Files
  • Lesser File Restrictions
  • Custom Profile Avatar and Banner
  • Advanced Site Searching
  • 20 Open Poster Requests
  • Add Your Social Presence
  • View Quick Poster Stats
  • Access to TPDb Pro Lounge
  • Automatic Access to TPDb Beta
  • Intermediate Dashboard
  • Set Site Default Filters
  • Pin 6 Posters to Your Profile Showcase
  • View Poster Resolution
  • View Your Downloads, Views, and Likes

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Coming Soon

  • Includes All Features From The Pro Lite Plan
  • Unlimited Monthly Poster Uploads
  • No File Size Restrictions
  • Advanced Filters Site Wide
  • RSS User Feeds
  • Save for Later
  • Unlimited Open Poster Requests
  • User Bio
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Fully Customizable Notifications
  • Profile Searching
  • Follow Different Poster Types
  • Dedicated Showcase Page

Prices listed in CAD dollars

Awesome Features Come Free

Poster Library

Gain full access to the complete poster library offered by The Poster Database completly unrestricted!

Poster Uploads

Once signed up, you'll have full access to upload all of your amazing posters and share them with the world! Reached your monthly quota? Upgrade your plan to expand your monthly upload quota!

  • 50 uploads per Month for Free Users
  • 200 uploads per Month for Pro Lite Users
  • Unlimited uploads per Month for Pro Users

Individual File Size

You have the ability to upload individual posters with a reasonable file size limit. Upgrade your plan to unlock better file sizes that fits your needs.

  • 5MB per file for Free Users
  • 10MB per file for Pro Lite Users
  • Unlimited per file for Pro Users

Poster Feed**

Follow your favourite uploaders from across the site and have their posters displayed in a single curated view just for you!


Easily use an account overview page displaying reports, quick statistics, and more to help excel your site experience!


Easily filter and sort different pages across the site to get to the content you desire most!


Like to be in the know? Be alerted when events happen throughout the site that include you directly and stay up to date!

Poster Requests

Have a poster idea or even missing one? Easily submit a poster request and see what the comunity of uploads has to offer! Upgrade your plan to have more open poster requests!

  • 5 open requests for Free Users
  • 20 open requests for Pro Lite Users
  • Unlimited open requests for Pro Users

Dive Into TPDb Pro The Poster Database Pro Badge

Helping the Development and Future of the Platform

Click on a feature to see more!

Unrestricted Uploads**

Unlock the ability to upload files with lesser restrictions in both dimension and size allowing you to upload the highest quality posters!

Custom Avatar and Banner

Customize your profile to fit your branding with a custom avatar and/or banner! Or even choose from a selection of TPDb defaults.

  • Free users are limited to select from a list of TPDb defaults only.

Advanced Searching

Enjoy a feature rich searching experience narrowing down your results for complex searches using an Advanced Search page.

Social Linking

Share your digital presense with your amazing followers and adventurious explorers by linking your various social media accounts!

Quick Stats

Quickly and easily view your individual posters statistics seeing how well your poster has taken off! You even have the ability to view which users have downloaded, liked, and viewed that respective poster!

TPDb Pro Lounge

Gain access to the exclusive TPDb Pro Lounge where you can hangout and chat with various other TPDb Pro subscribers and get priority support from the TPDb team.

TPDb Beta

Gain automatic access to TPDb Beta where you get to be hands-on with the latest and greatest features and innovations that TPDb has to offer even before public release!

Default Filters**

No more manually setting filters each time for every page you visit across the site. Set your desired filters and sorting method directly in your account settings and have the site curated to your preferences by default across the site.

Profile Pinning

Do you have some favourite posters you'd like to highlight? Pin up to six amazing posters to your profile showcase displaying your hand selected creations!

  • 6 Pinned Posters Pro Lite Users
  • Dedicated Showcase Page Pro Users

Poster Resolution

Interested in seeing the resolution of the poster before making a decision? Easily view the resolution of any given poster across the site when available to fit to your needs.

Stats Breakdown

Wondering who viewed, liked, or downloaded one of your posters? Gain the ability to get a full breakdown displaying who your biggest fans are and the reactions to your individual poster!

Rich Notes

Take your poster notes to the next level and unlock the ability to add rich notes with advanced formatting to all of your posters!

Poster Utility Button

Customize the utility button on all posters site wide with the ability to copy the poster link, download the poster, or even use our multi-functional button options!

RSS Feed Pro

Enjoy and allow your followers to have a feed driven by your uploads making sure they stay up to date with your uploads and amazing posters!

Save for Later Pro

Save for Later allows you to save a poster for a later use whether you're in a hurry, on your phone, or whatever the case may be. You can then easily come back to the poster and do with it as you wish!

User Bio Pro

Express a little bit about yourself and the work you do, or even share a small tag line of yours for your followers! This is your place to shine, other than your posters!

Profile and Poster Searching Pro

Quickly and easily search users profiles or even poster listing pages to narrow down your results to the posters you desire!

Follow Poster Types Pro

Expand your feed and follow different posters types from across the site to have them easily displayed directly in your feed! Follow your favourite show or actor, or even an upcoming movie that you're really excited about and want to check out all the amazing posters!

And More Pro

Since this subscription level isn't available just yet, some of the Pro features listed here are just to start! We have many more ideas and plans coming so stay tuned!

** Features May Differ Between Free and Paid Subscriptions