Chapter 2 - TPDb Pro Lite

Posted: June 4, 2020

Chapter 2 - TPDb Pro Lite

First off, we would like to apologize for the late announcement. Since the release of TPDb Pro Lite, we've been a little busier around here listening to feedback and correcting some small issues with the release. Also we've gone back and added some visuals to some features to help show you what makes TPDb Pro Lite awesome, besides the supporters of course! We encourage you to check it out again if you haven't already.

We're happy to announce that TPDb Pro Lite has officially launched a few days ago on June 1, 2020. This has been an amazing milestone that we've been able to achieve and appreciate all the support we've received from you, the community and TPDb fans, since day one! You all have helped uniquely shape The Poster Database into something truly amazing and we're forever grateful! We haven't even passed the one year mark yet and are super, super excited to see what the future has in store!

TPDb Pro Lite brings in some amazing and really cool features to the site that weren't there before! Some things include, an advanced poster statistics breakdown allowing you to see your posters and how the communities reacted more in-depth, we've baked an advanced search into the site helping you to directly get to the content you desire faster and with ease, poster requests are now possible through the site with the option for Pro Lite users to tag a designer in a request, customize the site with default filters and sorting methods, even your branding, and so much more! This is just the start. We have many more ideas to enhance TPDb Pro Lite as time goes on and form it into something truly special and unique!

We've mentioned it before and we'd like to mention it again. TPDb will still be accessible and free to use even without being on a plan. You'll continue to receive updates, bug fixes, and features as they become available, except for premium features of course. With the introduction of TPDb Pro Lite, this is our way of offering a unique experience to Pro Lite subscribers thanking them for their dedication and support of the platform! This goes for all our users, we appreciate the support you all have shown and we truly care about you! We love the positive community interaction, feedback and ideas that you bring to the table and we never want that to stop!

In summary, TPDb Pro Lite is a unique experience allowing you to unlock your full potential unlike never before! There's been many amazing features added, an exclusive Pro Lite lounge for yourself, other Pro Lite subscribers, and the TPDb team to communicate and grow Pro Lite into something even better, and so much more! Oh, we almost forgot to mention … once a Pro subscriber, you get a really cool Pro badge displayed beside your username across the site in various locations symbolizing that you're a Pro Subscriber! With your support, feedback, and innovative ideas, let's shape TPDb into something truly amazing, together!

TPDb Pro Lite is available today to all existing and new users! There's currently a single tier available, TPDb Pro Lite, being offered at $5.99/month CAD (including taxes). We invite you to join TPDb Pro and experience something truly amazing we have to offer! We can't wait to have you onboard!

If you haven't already, come check out our plans page where you can find out all the details and more about TPDb Pro! Or, if you've already checked the page out, we encourage you to loop back and check out the photos of the new features and what Pro's all about!

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