TPDb Pro - Additional Payment Methods

Posted: July 6, 2020

We are pleased to announce that starting today, users now have the ability to make payments across the site using Apple, Google, or Microsoft Pay! We've been working hard on expanding TPDb Pro and making it accessible to our users across the world! This is just a small start to supporting additional payment methods. As time goes on, and when available, additional payment methods will be added to the site and an announcement will be made. That isn't all for this release! When subscribing to a subscription, or gifting TPDb Pro to yourself or others, you can now easily select from a list of saved payment methods saving you time and having to enter your details again! With that, under the billings tab on your account settings page, you now have full control over your payment methods! Feel free to change your default billing method (cannot remove a default payment method with an active subscription), or remove older ones!

Enough with payment talk though. This update also brings multiple improvements to requirements! Requests are now more accessible then before and public! Also, multiple corrections and visual improvements have been added based on community feedback!

For our TPDb Pro users out there, enjoy the ability to search based on IMDb or TVDb ID's on the advanced search page! This way, you can find what you looking for quicker while not being limited to TMDb or TPDb returned results!

Want to see a little more in-depth for the latest release, check out our change log for more information!